Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Schnitzer Offers Credit Card Advice in San Bernardino Sun

April 4, 2011

San Bernardino County's leading newspaper cited Reid & Hellyer Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Schnitzer extensively in a column published on April 1, 2011. Entitled "Damage control: Consumers can rebuild credit after a bankruptcy," the editors turned to Mark due to his decades of experience.

San Bernardino County SunConsumers should read over the reports in detail and correct any errors, said Mark Schnitzer, a San Bernardino resident and senior attorney at Riverside-based Reid and Hellyer.

"If they see anything that they believe is incorrect, they should communicate with the credit reporting agency and ask them to correct the report," Schnitzer said. "(The agencies) have a duty to reply to the communication."

The column went on to provide further advice to consumers from the viewpoint of Mr. Schnitzer, stating:

Bankruptcy Attorney Mark C. Schnitzer, Riverside, California Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy LawyerAny bad habits that may have led to the bankruptcy in the first place also need to change, Schnitzer said. People come out of bankruptcy still making payments on certain things, such as cars, homes and utilities. They should make those payments on time, he said.

Also, in order to improve credit history, a consumer coming out of bankruptcy should get credit.

"This may sound (contradictory), but people should have a credit card," Schnitzer said. "You get a good credit score because you have credit and pay for credit on time."

The article offers Mark's conclusion that consumers may end up repeating their financial difficulties if they are are "using the credit in lieu of having money in the bank." The full column from The Sun is online here. The Redlands Daily Facts also ran the same article.

A similar article, entitled "How to Deal with Credit Card Debt Management after Bankruptcy," was published the Daily Rosetta, a personal finance news service, on April 2, 2011, also citing Mark Schnitzer as a leading bankruptcy authority.

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