Employment Attorney Doug Plazak Inks Orange County Register Column

October 3, 2010

Attorney Doug Plazak, Labor & Employment Lawyer, Riverside and Orange CountyReid & Hellyer Senior Attorney Doug Plazak was recently featured in the OC Register when his column in support of Proposition 23 was published by Orange County's largest newspaper.

Focusing on Employment Law, Plazak has long held a leadership role in advocating for reduced state regulations on employers. His column cites a recent example of a major California employer announcing it was moving 800 jobs from California to Oklahoma as a consequence of the state's passage of global warming legislation, AB32.

Plazak urges California voters to vote for Proposition 23, legislation aimed at suspending AB32 until California's unemployment levels reach a level of 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. He also cites the large expense AB32 would impose on the California economy and the little gain it would bring to countering global warming.

"On top of rising taxes and the budget crisis, this self-imposed law is forcing businesses to redirect capital that could otherwise be used for expansion or salaries toward the elimination of green house gas emissions, which even proponents of AB32 admit will have no substantial effect on global levels."

The delay, Plazak writes, would bring multiple benefits to the state at a time when unemployment is at 12 percent, including a short-term retention of employers and employment of thousands of jobs, as well as an opportunity for federal lawmakers to create a national climate policy that goes beyond California's boundaries.

Given the state's current economic condition, Plazak urges voters to take advantage of an opportunity to avoid extra and more stringent regulations on California employers. Citing the state's leadership in environmental protection, he labels Prop. 23 as essential to California's economic recovery.

"Passage of Prop. 23 is a reasonable approach that will set our priorities and get the state's economy moving in the right direction. Once the economy rebounds, we can focus on doing even more than we already do as a national leader in environmental stewardship."

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