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May 12, 2010

If a party to a dispute can settle their problem out of court and avoid the costs and hassle David-G-Moore.jpgof going to trial, they should do it.

That was the message Reid & Hellyer attorney David G. Moore told IE Real Estate Insider recently. Specializing in business and real estate litigation, Moore encouraged members of the real estate industry to seek out alternatives to taking a case to trial and to settle differences quickly.

"I tell them to resolve whatever problem they have as early in the process as they can and to avoid a trial," Moore said in the newsletter's Q & A section. "There are all kinds of mediation services now that didn't exist when I started practicing law, and I think people should use them. A lawsuit is very expensive and time-consuming, and it's never a pleasant experience even if you win. Real estate cases can also be very complicated. A lawsuit doesn't get better as it gets older, like a bottle of wine. They get worse."

An attorney in the Inland Empire for 45 years, Moore said that while the recession has reduced the number of cases he's worked on over the past 18 months, he still sees cases in real estate litigation.

While environmental and construction defect cases may see a drop, they're replaced by cases stemming from an increased anxiety between partners during tough economic times. Also, buyers and sellers still sue each other over the details of real estate deals made during good times.

Even in the face of a consistent flow of cases to take on, Moore doesn't see the legal process as the sole way of settling disputes - even if that works against his own interest as an attorney.

"You're obligated to do the best thing for your client, and most of the time I believe that means not taking a case to trial," Moore said. "The goal is to resolve the issue quickly."

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