Attorneys Assist Homeowners in Permitting Vacation Rental in Indian Wells, California, Despite Moratorium

June 5, 2014

Attorneys from Reid & Hellyer law firm in Riverside assisted a group of homeowners to prevent the extension of a complete moratorium on short-term vacation rentals in the City of Indian Wells.

The issue started in May 2014, when concerned residents approached the Indian Wells City Council about party houses that had impacted the quality of life in the upscale, residential community of Indian Wells. In response, the City Council enacted a 45 day moratorium on all vacation rentals in the city. By June, the city council had noticed a hearing that included a recommendation from city staff to extend the moratorium by 10.5 months.

In response, numerous homeowners engaged the services of Reid & Hellyer to assess their legal rights and political options. In turn, David G. Moore of Reid & Hellyer wrote a letter to and appeared before the city council to explain that the city should enact a strict ordinance, but not one that prohibits all short-term rentals, receiving an applause from the attendees of the meeting. Moore was joined by numerous homeowners sharing similar concerns.

Just days after the firm had been engaged, the city council decided to allow short-term rentals, subject to additional regulations, to the delight of homeowners.

"Whether clients are in litigation or in a political dispute, it's best to work towards a reasonable solution," said Dave Moore, whose practice areas include both civil litigation and mediation.

Moore was assisted by Reid & Hellyer President Michael G. Kerbs and Associate Attorney Scott Talkov.

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