Real Estate

Looking for a Riverside real estate lawyer? Our experienced California real estate lawyers practice real estate law in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County & Los Angeles courts.  

Owning and developing real estate in the Inland Empire is no simple task. In such a fast growing and developing part of Southern California, the development of real estate surrounds us at every corner of our lives, from our homes, our businesses and our public spaces.

Real estate is anything but an inexpensive part of our economy and our community, and legal conflicts are bound to arise when so much capital is at stake. That's why Reid & Hellyer is committed to cost-efficient and dedicated service for our clients when they occur, and experienced attorneys knowledgeable in the principles of real estate are required.

No one property owner can keep up with the multitude of planning codes and regulations that vary from city to city and county to county. In such a complex legal field filled with permits, exemptions and the intricacies of planning principles, Reid & Hellyer is there to help our clients as they make the most out of their property's potential or protect it from the land use impacts of neighbors close by or far away.

No other law firm is more experienced on real estate litigation in the Inland Empire than Reid & Hellyer. The Inland Empire has grown by leaps and bounds over recent generations and Reid & Hellyer has called the region home the whole time. We have served the Inland Empire for over 100 years and have played a pivotal role in its growth, giving Reid & Hellyer an impeccable knowledge of local real estate laws and regulations.

Our real estate litigation attorney practices include the following areas:

Our clients include buyers, sellers, owners, co-owners, landlords, tenants, escrow companies, brokers, agents, title insurers, banks, mortgage lenders, hard money lenders, contractors, developers, homeowners insurers and more.

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